How does it work?

Well, hustler... you upload your resumé and we do the rest! One of our incredibly affable designers will email you a proof to make sure everything's to your liking. Once you're happy, we'll send it off to our very fancy printer!

What's your Return Policy?

You just bought a one-of-a-kinder, my friend... we wouldnt know what to do with it (Sorry, no refunds)

How Long Can My Resumé Be?

Since there's only a limited amount of print space, we've found one page to be the optimal length. (The point being for people to see your credits!) We'll accept more, but it's going to get pretty darn small....

How Long Will This Take?

Once you've approved the proof, the shirt will ship within 2 business days via UPS Ground.

Wait! I've got more questions?

Email us... we ran out of room! [email protected]