How he pays for it all is through a sister site called,, where, for $19.99, they’ll print your resume on your T-shirt! The front says, “Resume Attached,” and the resume is on the back. Or, they’ll do your cover letter, with “Dear Sir or Madam” on the front and your cover letter on the back.

Those shirts have been so successful, Redleaf says they’re going to expand the online store to include other sites that sell T-shirts, bags, mugs, etc.

He’s also got plans for a “Worst Resume Contest” in the works, where the winner wins a full resume makeover. Kind of like “What Not to Wear” for your resume. Like a “What Not to Write.”


If you are like most job hunters, you have spent a great deal of time writing your resume and cover letter, so why not always have them on hand—so to speak.

With a t-shirt from, you can be a walking advertisement—wearing a t-shirt that displays the first page of your resume’ or your cover letter— right on your back. As Jeremy Redleaf, the owner and founder of the very new Web site Odd Job Nation told me—“You never know who is going to be standing behind you at the grocery store.”

I could hardly wait to order my very own resume t-shirt today— and with a price of $19.99 plus shipping and handling this t-shirts are real bargains. Where else can you get such exposure? And the news gets better—and who is not ready for better news? All the proceeds from go to Redleaf’s new business—, which you will want to check out, but be forewarned, it is not your typical career site and may not be appropriate for some.

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