Ameri Specified Inspection Services, National Metal Building Products, HouseMaster Inc., National House Building Company, Inc., The New England Inspection Company, are major players in construction inspection services. Some of these companies also have additional sub-contracting companies who offer their specialized services. In this article, we discuss how these companies operate. We discuss the most important aspects and benefits of building inspection services.

The term building inspection services encompasses a wide range of services. It can be general inspections of buildings or specific inspections at certain locations. General inspections are for the examination of building condition, structural strength, and general ventilation. This includes inspecting attics, ceilings and vents, ceilings and other exposed components. Special inspections include inspections on specified spots and equipment, such as plumbing, ductwork, heating system, electrical systems, water heater, gas systems, septic tank, and sewer lines.


Most building inspections are performed at the original construction site. Some inspections can be done on-site once the project is complete. On-site building inspections are usually performed for major projects such as apartment buildings. You may find building inspections covering all floors of commercial buildings. In such cases, the company performing the inspection will be responsible for keeping a standard log of all repairs made, both good or bad. The management is then able to review the record.

Inspections of commercial buildings include the inspection of security systems within commercial establishments. In general, security systems are inspected for compliance and effectiveness. It also includes inspection of security equipment used in tenancies. Commercial building inspections can also inspect appliances like dryers, air conditioners, or refrigerators. It also covers water heating, electrical wiring, and security lighting.

For many reasons, life safety inspections can be very important. First, life safety inspections can cover a wide range issues related to mechanical, electrical, and structural systems. These include electrical wiring, plumbing heating and cooling systems and security systems. All defects and problems in these systems are investigated. Life safety inspections are also performed to inspect human welfare, including building occupant safety.

In addition to the above, building inspections also include evaluating fire safety systems installed in commercial establishments. Fire safety inspectors inspect fire extinguishers, fire hydrants, fire exit signs, and other necessities to ensure buildings comply with local and national fire safety codes. They also review codes for food handling, and kitchen facilities. Life safety inspections include inspection of fire safety cabinets and equipment as well as securing fire doors. They also make sure building occupants know about fire dangers and install smoke detectors.

Commercial building inspection services make sure buildings meet building standards. The inspectors inspect for air quality, moisture and heating and cooling systems, ceilings and walls, windows, ceilings, floors, ceilings, doors, windows, appliances and cabinets, plumbing fixtures and ductwork, ceiling tile, electrical wiring and ventilation. They also check for natural conditions, utility hookups and insulation. Building structures, landscaping, exterior finishes and snow and ice removal. The inspectors also perform routine maintenance services such as cleaning chimneys and painting exterior walls and interiors, replacing skylights, and checking sprinkler systems, motors, and more. Commercial building inspection services can be hired to inspect warehouses, storage facilities, factory floors, packaging and display rooms, offices, manufacturing plants, food preparation and packaging plants, retail establishments, hospitals, nursing homes, motels, private residences, real estate offices, warehouse facilities, private parking lots, transportation terminals, and train stations. These services can be rented for a nominal fee.

A professional inspector can inspect your property to verify that it is meeting the building inspection requirements. You don’t have to pay for professionals or risk having your building inspected. The best thing about inspecting your building yourself is that you can pick a specific time for the inspection to take place. You can also manage all the details, avoid distractions, save money, and make sure you are on top of everything. A professional company or individual would still be a good choice for building inspection services.